International Conference on ‘Low Temperature Science and Biotechnological Advances’ begins at New Delhi 27th April, 2015, New Delhi



The International Conference as a collaboration of ICAR –NBPGR, NAAS, SLTB, UK and RBG, UK on “Low Temperature Science and Biotechnological Advances” was inaugurated by Dr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE and DG, ICAR at A.P. Shinde Symposium Hall, NASC Complex, New Delhi on 27th April, 2015.




Dr. Maurizio Lambardi from National Research Council of Italy who is the immediate past chair of SLTB co-chaired the inaugural session. Prof. R.B. Singh, immediate past president, NAAS and Dr. J.S. Sandhu (DDG, Crop science) gave their remarks as Guests of Honor. Prof. Hugh Pritchard, Head, Seed biology, RBG, Kew delivered the inaugural lecture entitled ‘Plant cryopreservation : Scale, Scope and Hope’. Dr. K.C Bansal, Director, NBPGR and Organising secretary and Dr. Rekha Chaudhury, Convenor, extended warm welcome and thanked the delegates for their participation.

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