Interaction of PGR students with Dr Kuldeep Singh, Director, NBPGR and Head of PGR Discipline

Date Posted: 11-09-2017

All PGR (M.Sc & Ph.D.) students were addressed by Dr Kuldeep Singh, Director, NBPGR & Head of PGR Discipline and Dr Rekha Chaudhury, Professor, PGR on 26th August, 2017 at NBPGR. Professor informed that short films on NBPGR, ICAR and Green Revolution have been exhibited to the students. For awareness about PGR aspects, students have also been given a tour to PGR Museum. Four of the students were nominated by Director to attend brainstorming meeting on ‘Strategies for Implementation of Delhi Declaration on Agrobiodiversity Management in India’ on Aug 28, 2017 at NASC Complex, New Delhi. To give students sufficient exposure to the crops in the fields, Director and Professor insisted on students to visit NBPGR’s farm at Issapur where students would familiarise themselves with field evaluation aspects under the supervision of Scientists of Division of Evaluation.