Hands-on Training on “Forest Genetics Resources Management & Conservation”

Date Posted: 06-02-2020

Five-day training on “Forest Genetics Resources Management & Conservation” was organized by the Division of Germplasm Conservation during 27th-31st January, 2020 for the scientists the Indian Council of Forest Research and Education, Dehradun. There were 14 participants from seven different forest research institutes- IWST, Bengaluru, IFGTB, Coimbatore, TFRI, Jabalpur, IFB, Hyderabad, FRI, Dehradun, AFRI, Jodhpur and RFRI, Jorhat. The program was inaugurated by Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Director NBPGR by providing an overview of PGR management in India. The five-day program covered different aspects of seed conservation standards for long-term storage (including the handling of germplasm, seed health testing, viability and dormancy concepts, drying, packaging and database management), principles of exploration and germplasm collection, techniques for In-vitro and cryopreservation of vegetative propagated/recalcitrant species, phytochemical and biochemical evaluation of the plant genetic resources, role of genomics in germplasm conservation, and PGR Informatics. The participants visited various facilities including National Herbarium on Cultivated Plants. The valedictory ceremoncy was graced by Dr. Kamal Bawa, Founder president of ATREE who gave away certificates to the participants. The training was succesfully completed under the guidance of Dr. Kuldeep Singh as Course Director, and with Dr. Veena Gupta, Head DGC and Dr. Vimala Devi S, Senior Scientist as Course Cordinators.

(Source:  Dr. Vimala Devi Sadanandam, Senior Scientist, ICAR-NBPGR, New Delhi)