Efficient Procedures for DNA Extraction from Oils and Food Products: An Initiative for GM Detection in Processed Foods

Date Posted: 02-06-2021

Trading of food and food derivatives across the boundaries globally, along with country-specific GMO legislation, necessitates the implementation of stringent surveillance techniques capable of detecting even minimal levels of unauthorized GMOs. Sample homogenization and extraction of high quality DNA, are critical steps for GM detection. DNA extraction from food derivatives is challenging as quality of DNA may be hampered by processing steps, complex composition, or by refining stages in case of vegetable oils. In this context, well-defined procedures have been recently reported to extract detectable amount of DNA with acceptable purity and amplifiability from oils (canola, cottonseed, mustard – crude oil, soybean – refined oil), and food products including apple (juice, green apple), corn (popcorn, flakes, soup, flour, biscuits, puff corn, packed corn, baby corn, milk powder with corn oil, infant cereal), potato (chips), soy (chunks, sticks, milk, tofu), tomato (soup, sauce). These procedures could be efficiently employed as a part of GMO testing to trace GM contamination, if any, in both imported as well as domestic oils and food products.

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Singh M, Sodhi KK, Paliwal A and Randhawa GJ (2021) Efficient DNA extraction procedures for processed food derivatives - A critical step to ensure quality for GMO analysis. Food Analytical Methods,

Further studies on GM detection in processed food: GMO Screening Matrix developed as decision support system and nine screening elements (P-35S, P-FMV, T-nos, pat, nptII, aadA, cry1Ac/Ab, cry2Ab2, cp4epsps) identified for GM detection in these food derivatives. An elaborated study on utilization of GM diagnostics planned to check the GM status in different food derivatives available at different places/ markets/ retail shops, etc. in a systematic manner.

The GM Detection Research Facility (ISO/IEC17025:2017 accredited), Division of Genomic Resources is presently providing GM testing services for seed samples routed through Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine, and Storage, and other private entities. For more details, please refer to

(Source Head, DGR, ICAR-NBPGR, New Delhi)