Dr. A. A. Mao (Director, Botanical Survey of India) visited ICAR-NBPGR Regional Station Jodhpur

Date Posted: 02-09-2021

Dr. A. A. Mao (Director, Botanical Survey of India), visited ICAR-NBPGR Regional Station, Jodhpur on 31st August 2021. The purpose of their visit was to explore the activities being carried out at the station. At the outset Dr. Vijay Singh Meena, Scientist (SS) & Officer In Charge, welcomed him and briefed about the activities being undertaken. He visited Field Gene Bank of the station where 453 accessions belonging to 49 species are being maintained as live plants. Dr. Mao appreciated the diversity being maintained in various horticultural crops like ber, bael, pomegranate, karonda, jojoba and other perennial crops. Dr. Mao also visited various activities being carried out and facilities available at station including library, laboratories, medium term storage (MTS) unit and RET species block. During the visit to field crop research farm area he was shown diversity available in annual crops germplasm like moth bean, mung bean, clusterbean, kalingda etc. Dr. Mao appreciated the work being done by NBPGR Jodhpur team and further suggested improvement in the station activities. The programme ended with Aonla plantation in Panchkuta garden by Dr. Mao.

(Source Dr. Vijay Singh Meena, Regional Station Jodhpur)