Celebration of Parthenium Day at RS Hyderabad on August 19, 2021

Date Posted: 03-09-2021

‘Parthenium Awareness Week’ is organized every year since 2004 to make farmers and general public aware about the menace of Parthenium, which is responsible for causing health problems in human beings and animals, besides deteriorating environment, loss of productivity and biodiversity. As part of the organisation of ‘Parthenium Awareness Week’ from August 16-22, 2021 we have organised Parthenium Awareness Programme at our regional Station 19.08.2021. All the staff at the station discussed and shared our experiences with Parthenium and its ill effects as an obnoxious weed. With great zeal and enthusiasm all the staff engaged in uprooting the parthenium plants including those in vegetative state from the bunds and cropping area in a bid to make our 10 acre farm Parthenium free.

(Source Dr Kamala Venkateswaran, Regional Station Hyderabad)