Three days training conducted at Bhoirymbong, RI-Bhoi, Meghalaya

Date Posted: 19-03-2022

Three days training programme was conducted at Bhoirymbong village, Ri-Bhoi district, Meghalaya from 14th-16th March, 2022 under NEH scheme by NBPGR, Regional station, Umiam entitled: Plant genetic resources management, conservation and utilization in Agri-horticultural crops under mid hills of Meghalaya state. In this programme 36 farmer belonging to Khasi tribal community participated actively. Dr. Julius Uchoi, Scientist and OIC of the station and convener of this programme delivered the lectures on role and responsibility of the NBPGR institute in plant genetic resource, conservation, awareness and utilization. Dr. Subarna Hajong, Scientist of the station and co-convener also presented on prospect and scope of community seed bank potential crops in Meghalaya. Farmers had also been benefited from the lectures given and one to one interaction from other resource person Dr. Heiplanmi Rymbai, Dr. H. Talang, Dr. Vanlalruati, Dr. S Ruth Assumi, Dr. Sandip Patra & Dr. Tasvina R. Bora from ICAR Research complex in their field of expertise ranging from fruit crop production, canopy management of perennial horticultural crops, value addition of horticultural crops, production and management of orchid genetic resources and organic approaches for managing pest and diseases of agri-horticultural crops. At the end of the session all the farmers were distributed local farm tools such as Dao, Sickle, Kho star and seasonal vegetable seeds such as cucumber tomato and chilli.

(Source Dr Julius Uchoi, NBPGR, RS Shillong)