ICAR-NBPGR celebrated Van Mahostav-2022 under SC-SP

Date Posted: 07-07-2022

ICAR-NBPGR celebrated Van Mahostav with farmers at its Experimental Farm, Issapur under SC-SP, on 6th July 2022. Twenty SC farmers including women farmers, from four surrounding villages- Dhansa, Jafferpur, Samas and Mitraon, participated in the programme. Coordinators of the programme, Dr Kuldeep Tripathi and Dr K.P. Mohapatra, organised a plantation activity of multipurpose tree species on a common property land. Saplings such as Melia azedarach, Holoptelia integrifolia, Terminalia arjuna, Syzygium cumini, Simaruba glauca, Cordia mixa etc   were planted by the participating farmers, Scientist, technical personnel and other staff members of the institute. An awareness programme was also conducted for the farmers in which Dr S.P. Ahlawat, Chief Guest of function, spoke on the importance of plant genetic resources such as specialty food, minor fruits, fodder and fuel wood tree species. Importance of Van Mahostav and tree planting as well as tree husbandry practices for successful establishment of multiples tree species in the semi-arid region was explained by Dr K.P. Mohapatra, Principal Scientist, DGE. Dr R.K. Gautam, Head, DGE, gave an overview of institute mandate and activities for the benefit of farming community. Dr Kuldeep Tripathi, Scientist and Dr Puran Chandra, Scientist from the institute also interacted with the farmers on multiple aspects of Plant Genetic Resources, their conservation and economic utility for the upcoming generations. Each farmer was provided three fruit plants-Pomegranate, Guava and Lemon, to plant on their backyard with a purpose to improve nutrition of the farm family. Under the SC-sub plan, the farmers were also provided with a kit of 10 items that included improved varieties of vegetable seeds, ergonomically designed small farm tools and implements etc.

(Source Dr Kamal Prasad Mohapatra, New Delhi)