Review meeting of DBT funded project “National Rice Resources Database”

Date Posted: 26-09-2014

The nth review meeting of the DBT funded project “National Rice Resources Database” coordinated by NBPGR was held on 25-09-2014 at NBPGR, New Delhi. Progress of the project, that was to end in August 2014, was reviewed by Dr. Madhan Mohan, Advisor, DBT and Dr. Gulshan Wadhwa, Joint Director, DBT in the chairmanship of Dr. KC Bansal, Director NBPGR and the coordinator of the project. All the investigators from partner institutions presented the progress. The project was appreciated as a unique one generating primary data as well as making them available in an interactive portal. DBT was impressed with the progress made in the project and granted one year extension on no-additional cost basis. Dr. Madhan Mohan commended the NRRD as exemplary for other similar projects and emphasized on immediate publication of the results, whereas Dr. Bansal stressed on the need for quality, uniformity and focus in data generation and presentation. He called for time bound actions on linking NRRD developed at NBPGR with text curation database developed in Delhi University and genomic database developed in NRCPB.