Dr. Soma Sundar Marla

Principal Scientist
Division of Genomic Resources
soma.marla(AT), ssmarl(AT)
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Salient Achievements:

Educational Qualifications:  Ph.D, M.Sc (Plant Breeding), MS (Computer Sci., USA)
Employment History:  Rice Breeder (1985 to 2000), ANGR. Agricultural University, Hyderabad, India
                                   Post Doc Fellow:  FORBIO Research, QlD, Australia (1994-98)
                                   Faculty member with VBI & Virginia Polytechnic & State Univ, Blacksburg, VA,USA
                                   G. B. Pant Univ. Agriculture & Tech., Pantnagar, UTK, India

Projects :

 Areas of Research:

  • Crop Genome Analysis employing Next Generation Sequencing Techniques
  • Discovery of  important Genes from Sequenced Genome of Cajanus cajan employing Next Generation sequencing Tools.
  • Discovery of Genes for Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Transcriptome analysis of Indian Wheat germplasm ( Indo-UK  Project on N use Efficiency in Wheat)
  •  Design & Development of Bioinformatics Analysis Tools; Prokaryotic Genome Browser ( Degenerate PCR Primer Design Tool:
  • Jasmonic acid Pathway in rice, Bioinformatics tool design and Protein structure prediction and drug design


Member Task force, Bioinformatics (DBT, BCIS), Govt. of India.
Member (nominated) American Academy of Sciences(NY), USA

Recent Publications Research Papers

  1. Marla, Soma S., Pallavi Mishra, Ranjeet Maurya, Mohar Singh, D. P. Wankhade, Anil K. Gupta, Sanjeev K. Singh, and Rajesh Kumar. "Refinement of Genome assemblies of Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan). Front. Genet., 15 December 2020.

  2. Mallikarjuna, M.G., Thirunavukkarasu, N., Sharma, R., Shiriga, K., Hossain, F., Bhat, J.S., Mithra, A.C., Marla, S.S., Manjaiah, K.M., Rao, A.R. and Gupta, H.S., 2020. Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of Iron and Zinc Deficiency in Maize (Zea mays L.). Plants9(12), p.1812.

  3. Soma Marla (2020), Large Dams and loss of Biodiversity, journal of people and environment, New York.

  4. Neelofar Mirza and Soma Marla (2019), Finger Millet (Eleusine coracan L. Gartn.) Breeding, Elswier Publishers.

  5. Pallavi Mishra, Ranjeet Maurya , Vijai K. Gupta, Pramod  W. Ramteke, Soma S. Marla and Anil Kumar (2019). Comparative genomic analysis of monosporidial and monoteliosporic cultures for unraveling the complexity of molecular pathogenesis of Tilletia indica pathogen of wheat, Scientific Reports, 9(1), 8185.

  6. Marla S.S., Mirza N., Nadella K.D. (2018) Metabolic Pathway Analysis Employing Bioinformatic Software. In: Wadhwa G., Shanmughavel P., Singh A., Bellare J. (eds) Current trends in Bioinformatics: An Insight. Springer, ,

  7. Anil kumar, Pallavi Mishra, Ranjeet Maurya, A.K. Mishra, Vijai K. Gupta, Pramod W. Ramteke, Soma S. Marla (2018). Improved Draft Genome Sequence of a Monoteliosporic Culture of the Karnal Bunt (Tilletia indica) Pathogen of Wheat. Genome Announcement 6:e00015-18.

  8. Vishakha Pandey, Manoj Singh, Dinesh Pandey, Soma Marla, and Anil Kumar (2018), Secretome Analysis Identifies Potential Pathogenicity/ Virulence Factors of Tilletia indica, a Quarantined Fungal Pathogen Inciting Karnal Bunt Disease in Wheat, Proteomics. 2018 Apr;18(8): e1700473;

  9. Marla S.S. (2017) Structural Analysis of Resistance (R) Genes in Potato (Solanum Species) Genome. In: Kumar Chakrabarti S., Xie C., Kumar Tiwari J. (eds) The Potato Genome. Compendium of Plant Genomes. Springer, Cham.

  10. N. K. Gautam, S. S. Marla, N. Mirza, Z. Khan, B. Singh, D. P. Wankhede and B. H. Gawade (2017) Evaluation of field pea accessions for root-knot nematode resistance and possible role of NADP dependent malic enzyme gene in host resistance, DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2017.00073.6, Indian J. Genet., 77(4): 556-563  

  11. P. Renuka, Maafganti Seshu, Soma Marla  et al., ( 2017),  RNASeq of Ricee Yellow stem borer reveals molecular insights during four larval developmental stages, 3G-Genes, Genomes, Genetics (USA), G3: Geens, Gentics and Genomics (USA), 2017. 

  12. Shachi Gahoi,Neetesh Pandey, B.V. Suresh, Monendra Grover, S.S. Marla and Anil Rai (2016), A computational study on genetic diversity of 'shatterproof1 (shp1) and shatterproof2 (shp2)' genes in some members of 'Oleraceae' and its molecular implications, Plant Omics, Vol. 9, No. 4, Jul 2016: 248-260 

  13. Anil Kumar, Vishakha Pandey, Manoj Singh, Dinesh Pandey, M. S. Saharan, soma s. Marla (2016), Draft genome sequence of Karnal bunt pathogen (Tilletia indica) of wheat provides insights into the pathogenic mechanisms of quarantined fungus,PLOS One, Feb, 2017:

  14. Rakesh Singh, Rajesh Kumar, Ajay Kumar Mahato, Ritu Paliwal, Amit Kumar Singh, Soma S. Marla, Ashok Kumar, Nagendra K. Singh (2016),De novo transcriptome sequencing facilitates genomic resource generation in Tinospora cordifolia, Functional and Integrative Genomics.

  15. Mallikarjuna M G Nepolean, Soma Marla et al. ( 2016), In-silico characterisation and comparative mapping of yellow stripe like (YSL) transporters in five grass species"  The Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences ( In Press).

  16.  Jyoti Bhati,  Pavan Chaduvula, Soma Marla et al ( 2016), In Silico Prediction and Function Analysis of Salt Responsive Genes in Rice (Oryza sativa), j Rice res, 4:1.

  17. Pavan Chaduvula, Jyothi Bhati, Soma Marla et al., ( 2015) In silico expressed Sequence tag Analysis  and idefication and characterization of  Salinity stress responsible genes in Sorghum bicolor.Australian J. Crop Sci., 9 (9),799-806.

  18. Soma S. Marla  and  V. K. Singh (2012) LOX genes in blast fungus (Magnaporthe grisea) resistance in rice, March, Funct Integr Genomics, DOI 10.1007/s10142-012-0268-1.

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  25. H.Choudary, D.K. Singh, S. S. Marla and  V.B.S. Chauhan (2011), Genetic Diversity among cultivated and wild germplasm of cucumber based on RAPD analysis, Indian J. Hort, 68 (2), 197-202.

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Recent Publications Research Papers
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