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Recent Publications Research Papers
1.  Chinapolaiah A, Dinesh Chand, V Thondaiman, MK Mittal, RD Parthvee, P Manivel and Satyanshu Kumar (2019). Exploration, collection and conservation of Gymnema sylvestre germplasm from different parts of India.J Pharmacogn Phytochem.8 (4)38-45.
2.  Dikshit N, N Sivaraj, Sunanda Dikshit, V Kamala, Dinesh Chand and Sunil Gomashe (2019). In-Situ assessment of Morpho-physiological traits and ecological niche modeling studies on Sesamum mulayanum Nair.Intl..J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci.8(4):1179 – 1189.
3.  Dinesh Chand, N Dikshit, N Sivaraj, SS Gomashe and MA Nizar (2018). Diversity assessment in Abelmoschus tuberculatus : A DIVA-GIS Study.J. Environ. Biol.39:426-431
4.  Gomashe SS, N Dikshit, Dinesh Chand and SN Shingane (2018). Assessment of Genetic Diversity Using Morpho-Agronomical Traits in Horse Gram.Intl..J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci.7(5):2095-2103.
5.  Dinesh Chand, Nilamani Dikshit, Sunil Shriram Gomashe, M. Elangovan and M. Y. Samdur (2017). Assessment of morphological diversity among the dual purpose sorghum landraces collected from tribal districts of northern Maharashtra.Management & Agroforestry38 (2):199-207.
6.  Dinesh Chand, S Gomashe, N Dikshit, Wandhare MR (2017). Assessment of yield stability in horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum).Multilogic in Science.7:223-227.
7.  Dinesh Chand, J. Akhtar, Nilamani Dikshit S.S. Gomashe., M. Malik (2017). Glycine latifolia- A New Host Record of Colletotrichum capsici.Journal of New Biological Reports.6 (1):33-36.
8.  Nizar, M. A, N Dikshit, N Sivaraj, D Chand (2017). Diversity analysis in grass pea Lathyrus sativus L.) germplasm in India using DIVA-GIS approach.International Journal of Agriculture & Statistical Sciences.13 (2):473-482 .
9.  N Dikshit, D Chand, S Gomashe, S Shingane (2017). Cajanus platycarpus – an addition to the flora of Akola district, Maharashtra.Journal of New Biological Reports6 (1):58-62.
10.  Dinesh Chand, Jameel Akhtar, N. Dikshit, Sunil Shriram Gomashe and Monika Malik (2017). Glycine latifolia- A New Host Record of Colletotrichum capsici.J. New Biol. Reports6 (1):33-36.
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