Dr. M Latha

Principal Scientist
Plant Breeding
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Salient Achievements:

Development of combined resistance for late blight disease and cyst nematode in potato leading to the release of TNAU Nilgiri Kufri Neelima in 2011. Conducted nine exploration and collection missions to various parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and collected 542 samples comprising major collections in Vigna species, Chinese potato, Alpinia galanga, Alpinia calcarata, small millets and crop wild relatives.Studied variability in Kokum germplasm, morphological and yield characters of ginger, and reviewed the changing pattern of plant biodiversity in southern Western Ghats, status of conservation of spices in India, characterized Malabar tamarind germplasm, diversity and genetic resources of wild Vigna species and variability in field bean. A new distributional record of Vigna dalzelliana, Madhuca longifolia was reported .Taxonomic identification of various Vigna species was refined. Discovered one new Vigna species and viz., V. konkanensis. As a Co-operating Centre Co-PI of Zone II, comprising of 19 partners under National Agricultural Technology Project on Plant Biodiversity helped the Zonal Leader in co-ordinating 383 exploration and collection missions. In this project, 11432 germplasm accessions were collected and 2693 accessions characterised. The germplasm deposited for long-term storage, medium-term storage and cryopreservation were 1638, 3508 and 102 accessions, respectively. Conducted eight exploration and collection missions in southern-Western Ghats region of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and collected M&A plants, Henna, rice, Chinese potato, wild relatives of Dioscorea, Vigna, Oryza, Crotalaria, Agave etc. Responsible for all PGR activities connected with Rice, Vigna species, ginger and Zingiber species, Pepper and Piper species, Turmeric ,Curcuma species and Cinnamomum species. Over the years characterised 1527 accessions of 9 crop/species. Multiplied and deposited 1336 accessions of crop plants and wild relatives under LTS, National Gene Bank.


Best poster paper award under the theme on ‘Conservation and Utilisation of the PGR’ was awarded to the poster on “Genetic Resources of Wild Vigna Species – A Treasure House for Broadening the Genetic Base in Cultivated Vignas” authored by Latha M., Nissar V.A.M., Roy Y.C., Bhat K.V. and S. Mani in the National Symposium on “Crop Improvement for Inclusive Sustainable Development” at PAU, Ludhiana, Punjab during 7-9 November 2014.

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