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Salient Achievements:
  • Conducted two exploration and collection missions to Northern Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, and collected 284 germplasm accessions in various agri-horticultural crops. Ninety two accessions were directly deposited to National Genebank, ICAR-NBPGR, New Delhi for long term conservation.
  • Regenerated, characterized and evaluated 1195 accessions of various agri-horticultural crops comprising horse gram (329), okra (519), Bitter gourd (127), wild bitter gourd (47), cucumber (69), Chinese potato (27), foxtail millet (10), finger millet (13), Brahmi (27), Jack fruit (11), oriental pickling melon (20) and Trichosanthes cucumerina (9)
  • Standardized ambient relative humidity in processing and storage and rapid method of seed ageing in seeds of Brassica sp.
  • Identification of polymorphic SSR markers using molecular characterization in cucumber genotypes: SSR11742 and AF202378 were found to be highly polymorphic and informative markers which can be used for genetic diversity analysis of cucumber.
  • Development of interspecific hybrids in okra: Crosses made between cultivars Arka Anamika and Pusa Sawani with wild species of Abelmoschus namely A. enbeepeegeearensis, A. pungens (new variant) sp. nova for further polyploidization of F1 hybrids and back crossing for transferring genes for resistance to YVM disease in okra.
  • Promoted on-farm conservation of the cucumber landraces through exchange with farmers of Kerala. Identified 15 genotypes exhibiting carotenoid content (orange colour flesh) in the ripe fruit, which will be promising source of vitamin A.
  • New initiative: Initiated augmentation of curry leaves germplasm from different agro-ecological locations to study the genetic variability and utilization in breeding
  • Published 16 research papers in peer reviewed journals, 7 papers in Seminar/Symposia, 10 popular articles, 2 bulletins

1. Conferred Young Woman Scientist Award 2019, for outstanding contribution to PGR Management Programme of Cucumbers in the ‘National Conference on Trends in Higher Education, Taxonomy, Agriculture , Biotechnology and Toxicology’  on 17th November 2019 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu by Dr. B. Vasantha Raj David Foundation, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

2. Best Oral Presentation Award:-  For the paper “Wide hybridization and Development of Amphidiploids incorporating yellow vein mosaic virus tolerance in okra” authored by Suma A., K Joseph John K., M Latha and KV Bhat  in the  National Seminar on Forestry, Plant Genetics and Improvement. 3-4 December, 2019, Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi, Thrissur, Kerala

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