Dr. Vimala Devi Sadanandam

Senior Scientist
Division of Germplasm Conservation
Genetics and Plant breeding
vimala.devi(AT), vimals123(AT)
Personal Webpage:
Salient Achievements:

Characterization of 71 Pongamia pinnata field germplasm collection of ICAR-CAFRI, Jhansi for morphological, yield, oil and biofuel related properties.

Seed transcriptome analysis of Pongamia pinnata to identify novel genes in oil biosynthesis pathway

Identification of high yielding and high oil genotypes in Pongmaia pinnata




INSA visitng scientist fellowship for the year 2014-15.

Dr.Shivshankar Gold Medal for distinction in M.Sc (GPB)

UAS Gold Medal for distinction in M.Sc.(GPB)

Topper in ICAR-JRF Exam 

State rank holder in SSLC


Recent Publications Research Papers
1.  Chavan, S B, Keerthika, A, Gunaga, R P, Uthappa, A R, Handa, A K, Jha, Ankur, Newaj, Ram, Dhyani, S K, Devi, S Vimala, Sridhar, KB, and Shinde, P P (2015). Status of Polyembryony in Tree Borne Oilseeds – A Review. International Journal of Bio-resource and Stress Management6(4)544-551
2.  ?Dhyani S K, Devi, S Vimala, Handa, A K, Gupta, V K, Kumar, R V, Ahlawat, S P, Kumar, Sudhir, Datta, A and Singh, Vishal (2015). A Decade of Research on Tree Borne Oilseeds to Strengthen National Biofuel Programme: A ReviewIndian Journal of Agroforestry17(1)1-12
3.  Rajarajan, K, Devi, S Vimala, Handa, A K, Gurunathan, N, Dhyani, S K and Uthappa, A R (2015). A Simple and Effective Method for High Quality PCR 69 usable DNA Extraction from Azadirachta indica A. Juss.Indian Journal of Agroforestry17(1)24-28
4.  ?Devi, S Vimala, Singh, Vishal, Dhyani, S K and Handa, A K (2015).  Promising Jatropha curcas Accessions from CAFRI Germplasm CollectionsAgroforestry Newsletters7(1)4-5
5.  Devi, S Vimala, Dhyani, S K, Handa A K and Singh, Vishal (2015). Genetic diversity of Pongamia Germplasm Collections at ICAR-CAFRI, Jhansi.Agroforestry Newsletters27(3)3-4
6.  Devi, S Vimala, Handa, A K, Dhyani, S K and Rajrajan, K (2014). Recent Advances in Tree Improvement for Agroforestry SpeciesIndian Journal of Agroforestry16(1)94-103
7.  Verma, Vidhu, Shweta, Sharma,  Devi, S. Vimala, Rajasubramaniam, S and Dasgupta, Indranil (2012). Delay in Virus Accumulation and Low Virus Transmission from Transgenic Rice Plants Expressing Rice Tungro Spherical Virus RNA.Virus genes45(2)350-359
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