Amaranthus hybridus

Species Overview :-    

Amaranthus hybridus, is an species of annual herbaceous flowering plant commonly called as green amaranth, slim amaranth, smooth amaranth, smooth pigweed, or red amaranth. A. hybridus is found on a wide variety of soil types and textures. They are ovate orelliptic-ovate, smooth or slightly undulate along the margins, and pubescent or hairless. The lower side of each leaf has elevated pinnate veins. The uppermost leaves are smaller, lanceolate, and pubescent. It is a common weed species found in fields, gardens, waste places, roadsides, riverbanks, and other open, disturbed habitats of North America and parts of Mexico, Central America and northern South America.

 Common Name : Smooth pigweed
 Scientific Name : Amaranthus hybridus
 Plant Class : Dicotyledonae
 Plant Order : Caryophyllales
 Plant Family : Amaranthaceae
 Genus : Amaranthus
 Species : A. hybridus
 Abbreviation : A. hybridus
 Ploidy Level : Diploid
 Chromosome Number : 2n=2x=32
 Estimated Genome Size : 503.8 Mb

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 Reference : PMID: 32835372

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