Amaranthus hypochondriacus

Species Overview :-    

 Amaranth hypochondriacus is a multi-purpose plant with food, feed, vegetables and ornamental value commonly known as Prince-of-Wales feather or prince's-feather. It's known in Spanish as quelite, blero, and  quintonil, and it's native to Mexico. It has high nutritional value, and  contains high content and quality of crude protein and high concentration of  amino acids and trace elements. It has a series of characteristics, such as  wide adaptability, strong resistance, drought resistance, lodging resistance,  salt resistance, barren resistance, strong regeneration ability, fast growth and  high use value.

 Common Name : Prince-of-Wales Feather, Prince's Feather
 Scientific Name : Amaranthus hypochondriacus L.
 Plant Class : Dicotyledonae
 Plant Order : Caryophyllales
 Plant Family : Amaranthaceae
 Genus : Amaranthus
 Species : A. hypochondriacus
 Abbreviation : A. hypochondriacus
 Ploidy Level : Diploid
 Chromosome Number : 2n=2x=32
 Estimated Genome Size : 466 Mb

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 Reference : PMID: 28854926   PMID: 25071079

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