Amaranthus palmeri

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 Amaranthus palmeri is an annual herbaceous plant species of edible flowering plant in the amaranth genus that is spreading rapidly beyond its native range in North America. It is considered the most invasive species of the dioecious amaranths and is ranked as one of the most troublesome weeds of various crops in the United States. It has several common names, including carelessweed, dioecious amaranth, Palmer's amaranth, Palmer amaranth, and Palmer's pigweed. This species is reported as causing serious impacts to the growth and yield of various crops, cotton, maize, soybean and sweet potatoes being among the most affected.

 Common Name : Palmer's amaranth
 Scientific Name : Amaranthus palmeri
 Plant Class : Dicotyledonae
 Plant Order : Caryophyllales
 Plant Family : Amaranthaceae
 Genus : Amaranthus
 Species : A. palmeri
 Abbreviation : A. palmeri
 Ploidy Level : Diploid
 Chromosome Number : 2n=2x=32
 Estimated Genome Size : 421.8 Mb

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 Reference : PMID: 32835372

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