Amaranthus tuberculatus

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 Amaranthus tuberculatus is an annual dioecious herb which has spread from its native range in northern North America and is considered a major weed of crop fields in the midwestern United States. It is commonly known as rough fruit amaranth, rough-fruited water-hemp, tall waterhemp, or common waterhemp, is a species of flowering plant. In the mid-western USA it has become increasingly difficult to control over the past 10 years due to a persistent seed bank and the development of resistance to certain herbicides. A. tuberculatus seed is a known contaminant of soyabean seed and other grains, and has been accidentally introduced and become naturalized in parts of West Asia and Europe.

 Common Name : Rough-fruited water-hemp
 Scientific Name : Amaranthus tuberculatus
 Plant Class : Dicotyledonae
 Plant Order : Caryophyllales
 Plant Family : Amaranthaceae
 Genus : Amaranthus
 Species : A. tuberculatus
 Abbreviation : A. tuberculatus
 Ploidy Level : Diploid
 Chromosome Number : 2n=2x=32
 Estimated Genome Size : 675.6 Mb

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 Reference : PMID: 32835372

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