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The herbarium of cultivated plants at ICAR-National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi, known as National Herbarium of Cultivated Plants (code ‘NHCP’) is among major Indian herbaria holding collections mainly of cultivated taxa and their wild/ weedy relatives (native or introduced taxa) for use in crop improvement. Besides, seed and economic product samples of plant genetic resources (PGR) are represented as complementary collections. It is intended to serve as a reference collection for identification, and taxonomic study of taxa of PGR relevance. It differs in its mandate from the existing herbaria across the country in having emphasis on the collection of the wide range of variability available in crop plants depicted as cultivars, primitive landraces, wild forms and their wild relatives from different agro-ecological condition. Besides, it has good representation of exotic material and material generated through breeding/selection programme. The NHCP is listed in the Index Herbariorum which is a global directory of public herbaria and associated staff in different regions Continue Reading »

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