NHCP : System of arranging

System of arranging herbarium specimens differs from that of the other herbaria; specimens are arranged by families, then by genera and then by species; all in an alphabetical order. This arrangement was found more convenient for wide use by PGR workers, para-botanists and non-taxonomists and beginners. Herbarium specimens are housed in steel cabinets (specially designed compactors) grouped in three blocks: A-C blocks for herbarium specimens and D block for seed/ economic botany samples. Herbarium documentation room has two computers for storage of soft data and images as virtual herbarium. Information (on botanical identity, family names, HS number-National Herbarium Number which is a unique number) available in Index Cards besides location of collection, date of collection and associated fields) is catalogued as hard copy and is cross-linked to computerised databases. A net-house facility is available for grow out for identification, experimental study on selected taxa, raising material received as vegetative propagates/seed and also for teaching purpose.