Piper nigrum commonly known as Black pepper, titled as 'King of Spices', is one of the most valued and widely used spices in the world. India is amongst the major producers, consumers and exporters of black pepper. Piper nigrum is a perennial woody climbing vine, which belongs to Piperaceae family of angiospermic clade Magnolidae.

Micro-satellite or Simple Sequence Repeat(SSR) markers are a preferred marker system among the dna-based markers because of their advantages such as reproducibility, multi-allelic and co-dominant nature and genome coverage. Microsatellites or SSRs are tandem repeats of 1 to 6 nucleotides found both in the genic or inter-genic region of the genome. Total 69,126 SSRs were identified from assembled genomic sequence of P. nigrum. The SSR frequency was 158 per MB making it, one SSR for every 6.3 kb in the assembled genome.

PiNigSSRdb is a freely available public database, which allows one to search in silico predicted genomic microsatellites in black pepper according to various parameters. PinigSSRdb constitutes a valuable resource for a whole fleet of applications in genetics and plant breeding studies in various Piper species.

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