The Bureau has the distinction of receiving “Best Institute of ICAR” award for the year 1997 in recognition of its dedicated and meritorious service to the nation in the field of PGR augmentation, exchange, quarantine, characterization, utilization, distribution and conservation, and developing a network for efficient management of PGR in the country.
Recently NBPGR has been recognized as a Centre of Excellence for training on in vitro conservation and cryopreservation for APO Region. The activities of human resource development will continue in various aspects of PGR management with special emphasis on biosystematics, in-vitro conservation and cryopreservation, DNA fingerprinting, molecular detection of pests and policy issues related to PGR.

Name of the Scientist(s)
Award / Honour
Area of Contribution
Dr. Bhag Singh, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Award Agricultural research in
tribal area
Dr. R. Gupta
Dr. S. K.Pareek
Fertiliser Association of India Award Studies on fertiliser use in
medicinal plants
Dr. K. L.Sethi
Dr. R. Gupta
Sadgopal Memorial Silver
Medal and Certificate of Merit
Breeding for high essential oil content in khus (Vetiveria zizanoides) 1982
Dr. J. L.Varshney Prof. M. J. Narsimhan
Academic Merit Award
Production of toxins metabolites from six isolates of Aspergillus clavatus and their effects on some micro 1982
Dr. K. C. Velayudhan Dr. Harbhajan Singh
Memorial Award
Outstanding contribution in the field of Plant Introduction and Exploration 1989
Dr. S.K.Pareek,
Dr. M.L. Maheshwari &
Dr. R.Gupta
Sadgopal Memorial Award Studies on palmarosa oil grass for higher yield of oil and its quality under cultivation. 1983
Dr. S.K.Pareek,
Dr. M.L. Maheshwari &
Dr. R.Gupta
Sadgopal Memorial Award Inter-cropping in Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides L.) 1993
Dr. Sangita Yadav Gold medal and IARI Merit Medal For Outstanding Academic Performance in Ph.D in Biochemistry Discipline by PG School, IARI 2008
Dr. N. Sivaraj Best paper award by Indian Botanical Society Plant Ecology 1989
Dr. N. Sivaraj Agricultural sectional committee member-Indian Science Congress Association Plant Genetic Resources 1994
Dr. S. K. Chakrabarty Fellow of Plant Protection Association of India Plant Protection 2002
Dr B. Sarath Babu Fellow of Plant Protection Association of India Plant Protection 2002
Dr. (Mrs.) Anitha Kodaru Silver Jubilee Gold Medal for women for best doctoral thesis for the year 1998-99 "Integrated management of Seedling diseases of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus Linn)” 2003
Drs. RDVJ Prasada Rao &
B.Sarath Babu
Smt. Kavuri Sarada Memorial Award for the best paper "ELISA and infectivity assay based survey for the detection of peanut bud necrosis virus in mungbean and urdbean in Andhra Pradesh" 2003
Dr. N. Sivaraj Fellow, Indian Society of Oilseeds Research Oilseeds Research 2003
Dr. K. S. Varaprasad Expert Member in Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board Biodiversity 2005
Dr. K. S. Varaprasad “Special Invitee” to help National Advisory Committee “National Repository for Human Genetics Resources and Data” 2006-2007
Dr. K. S. Varaprasad Talented Scientist Award Medicinal plants Conservation in South East Coastal India 2008
Dr. K. S. Varaprasad Felicitated by the Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh Biodiversity 2008
SR Pandravada, K Anitha,
S K Chakrabarty
Best Poster Award “Identification of sources of resistance to fungal biotic stresses in paprika chilli germplasm” 2008
Dr Anitha Kodaru Fellow of Plant Protection Association of India Plant Protection 2007
Dr. K. S. Varaprasad Honorary Patron, Plant Protection Association of India Plant Protection 2007-2009
Dr. N. K. Dwivedi,
Dr. Neelam Bhatnagar and
Dr. D. C. Bhandari
Best Poster Presentation at “Symposium on Plant genetic resources management: Advances and challenges” held at NBPGR, New Delhi from August 1-4, 2001 Collection of plant genetic resources from parts of arid and semi-arid regions in India 2001
Dr. Neelam Bhatnagar,
Dr. N. K. Dwivedi and
Dr. Gopala Krishnan, S.
Best Poster Presentation at “National Seminar on Strategies for enhancing export of Sesame and Niger” held at ARS (RAU), Mandore from April 7 – 9, 2005 Characterization and conservation of Sesame germplasm (Theme: Crop improvement) 2005
Dr. Neelam Bhatnagar,
Dr. N. K. Dwivedi and
Dr. Gopala Krishnan, S.
Best Poster Presentation – Second Prize at “National Symposium on Livelihood security and diversified farming systems in arid region” held at CAZRI, Jodhpur from January 14 – 16, 2006 Evaluation of Castor germplasm 2006
Dr. N. K. Dwivedi Member of the Advisory board, Institute of Herbal Heritage, Jodhpur Management of genetic resources of medicinal plants 2007
Dr. N. K. Dwivedi,
Dr. Gopala Krishnan, S. and
Sh. Raju Ram Meghwal
Best Poster Presentation at “International Conference on Grain Legumes” held at IIPR, Kanpur from February 14 – 16, 2009 Managing genetic diversity of legume crops in arid and semi-arid regions (Category: Biodiversity and Enhancement) 2009
Dr. Nidhi Verma Young Scientist Award 2009 In the field of Crop Improvement during the Ist Indian Agricultural Scientists and Farmers Congress on Technological Innovations for Enhancing Agriculture Production, 3-4 October 2009 at C.C.S. University Meerut. 2009
Dr. Rakesh Singh Jawahar Lal Nehru Award for Outstanding Post-graduate Agricultural Research Crop Science & Crop Improvement 2008
Dr. Rakesh Singh Dr. R.S. Paroda Young Scientist Award Plant Genetic Resources 2007-08
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