PGR Informatics

The ever-increasing significance of Plant genetic resources (PGR) conservation and advancements in computer technology for digitization and management of data have catapulted PGR informatics into limelight. PGR Informatics enhances the efficiency of PGR management by researchers, policy makers, and funding agencies. An organized digital information system provides fair and just opportunity for all to access.  Therefore the need for countries to develop, maintain and exchange information "from all publicly available sources, relevant to conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity" including "results of technical, scientific and socioeconomic research" is recognized in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD, Articles 7d, 17), and the Global Plan of Action (GPA, priority activities 17 and 18). Information of this nature is imperative for planning and implementing activities; sustainable use and sharing of benefits accrued from its use.PGR Informatics manages (creation, storage, retrieval and presentation) and analyses (discovery, exploration and extraction) diverse information (facts, figures, statistics, knowledge and news). To cater to internal requirements and to keep up with spirit of international instruments of information sharing, NBPGR has developed in-house information systems.

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  PGR Portal

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  Genetic and Genomic Resources


  Crop Wild Relatives

  CRYO Database

  MTS Database

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  Genebank Dashboard

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  Other Applications

Online Submission of request for Import Permit

National Genomic Resources Repository

Inventory of Registered Crop Germplasm

Trait Specific Germplasm Identified Through Multi-location Evaluation

Digital Library on Bruchids

DPPrimer: A Degenerate PCR primer design tool


Germplasm and Plant Varieties Registration System

IINDUS database

NORV database

Plant Variety Registration System


NAIP-Biodiversity Project Component-3 (Funded by GEF)

Medicinal Plants Genomic Resources Database

PinigSSRdb: Blackpepper microsatellites database

Amaranth Genomic Resource Database

Decision Support System for Insect and Mite Pests of Quarantine Significance to India

Linseed Genomic Resource

Molecular Binary Data Analyses Software

Trait Specific Germplasm Identified Through Multi-Location Evaluation

Green Cardamom DB- Elettaria cardamomum microsatellite Database

Last Updated : 25/01/2024