Priority Setting, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Cell      

Nodal Officer : Dr. Kavita Gupta
Contact Number: 011-25802750 Ext. 750 (Mobile : 9810349580)
Address: ICAR-National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources Pusa Campus, New Delhi – 110012, INDIA
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Annual Training Plan of ICAR-NBPGR, 2019-20 with checklist

PME was introduced through National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) in 1999 and subsequently through National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) in 2006. It is an important component in 12th Plan. Priority setting, Monitoring and Evaluation efforts are critical issues in management of agricultural research and development. PME is a management tool that can be used to validate programme existence and adjust research agenda for enhanced effectiveness especially in case of public agricultural research system. PME is an integrated approach incarporating the viewpoints of clientele, policy-makers, researchers and donors to address the soceietal goals. 

PME Cell at NBPGR is functional since March 2012.

Activities of Cell

  1. To coordinate and synthesize the recommendations of QRT, RAC, IRC, Vision documents of institute and ICAR to recommend research priorities of the institution for shortlisting priority researchable problems across crop(s)/divisions/programmes, commodity/ livestock etc. at institution level (Priority setting).
    • Sending Information for DARE Report, ICAR Reporter, ICAR News, and other technical information required by ICAR .
    • Quarterly report based on targets and achievements. 
  2. Annual updating and presenting the report to the Director of the institution for assigning research projects.
    • Maintenance of Scientific /technical files including Research Project files (RPFs), Consultancy/ NAIP Project files, and QRT, RAC and IRC documents.
    • Monitoring of progress for externally funded projects. 
  3. To coordinate and arrange for annual monitoring of each on-going project and evaluation of completed projects through internal and external experts. 
  4. Regularly sensitizing and capacity building of research managers and scientists through training programmes.
    • Development and Updation of database for Projects, Publications.
    • Preparation of Scientific documents.
    • Monthly Meeting of Scientists.
    • Organising presentations on important aspects such as RFD, PME etc.
Constitution of Cell
1. Dr. Kavita Gupta Nodal Officer
2. Dr. S Raj Kumar Co-Nodal Officer
3. Dr. Mukesh Rana Member
4. Dr. Sandeep Kumar Member
5. Dr. Jyoti Kumari Member
6. Dr. Padmavati Gore Ganpat Member
7. Mr. Rajeev Gambhir Member
8. Dr. KS Hooda HRD Nodal Officer
9. Dr Sushil Pandey IRC Member Secretary
10. Dr Rakesh Bhardwaj Nodal Officer, Krishi Portal


Dr Kavita Gupta,  OIC PME Cell
Priority setting, Monitoring and Evaluation Cell
Telephone: + 011-25802750, Extn 750/241; +91 9810349580
Email: Kavita.Gupta(AT), kavita6864(AT)
Smt Shivangi Mathur,  Technical Assistant (Field Farm)
Priority setting, Monitoring and Evaluation Cell
Telephone: + 011-25802882, Extn 882; +91 9654088069
Email: Shivangi.Mathur(AT), shivangimathur168(AT)