Report on “PGR/Farmer Rights Awareness Camp cum Biodiversity Fair” organized under TSP programme on 28th March, 2018 at Kathalan Karewa Shadab Shopian (J & K)

Date Posted: 04-04-2018

One day “PGR/Farmer Rights Awareness Camp cum Biodiversity Fair” was organized by ICAR-NBPGR Regional Station Srinagar on 28th March, 2018 at Kathalan Karewa Shadab, District Shopian (Jammu & Kashmir). The area is inhabited by tribal Gujjar population and is famous for apple and local rajma cultivation. 128 local farmers including 39 women attended the camp. During the camp scientists from ICAR-NBPGR Regional Station Srinagar, KVK Shopian, Ambri Apple Research Station (SKUAST) Pahnoo Shopian and ICAR-IGFRI RS Srinagar interacted with the farmers regarding local plant genetic resources (PGR) such as famous “ambri” apple landrace, Shopian rajma, local potatoes and forage grasses etc; their advantages and importance especially under current changing climatic scenario, need for their protection and conservation as well as their relevance to livelihood of tribal people. The scientists who interacted with the farmers include Dr. Tariq Rasool from KVK Shopian, Dr. Kursheed Ahmad from Ambri Apple Research Station (SKUAST) Pahnoo Shopian, Dr Suheel Ahmad from ICAR-IGFRI RS Srinagar and Dr. Susheel Kumar Raina from ICAR-NPPGR RS Srinagar. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Sheikh M Sultan, Officer-in-Charge, ICAR-NBPGR RS Srinagar talked about farmer rights and role of farmers especially women as custodians of plant genetic resources. 320 plants of ‘ambri’ apple landrace, 0.75 quintals of black soybean seed and 0.15 quintals of local forage grass seed were distributed among the farmers during the event to promote and popularize such traditional crops. The boys from a local NGO actively helped in making the event successful. The farmers of the area have hailed ICAR-NBPGR for organizing such awareness programme and for distribution of plant/seed material. The event was nicely covered and highlighted by the local media.

(Source: Sheikh M Sultan, Sr. Scientist & OIC, ICAR-NBPGR Regional Station Srinagar )