A Group of Students from Mahila PG Maha Vidyalaya Jodhpur visited ICAR-NBPGR Regional Station Jodhpur on 18.10.2019

Date Posted: 13-11-2019

"A group of 90 students from Mahila PG Maha Vidyalaya Jodhpur, Faculty of Biotechnology, led by Dr. Nishi Mathur, visited ICAR-NBPGR Regional Station, Jodhpur on 18.10.2019. The scientist of the Station interacted with the students regarding mandate and activities of ICAR-NBPGR in general and ICAR-NBPGR RS Jodhpur in particular. The students were made aware of the concept and approaches in plant genetic resources collection, conservation and utilization by Dr. Kartar Singh, Scientist through presentation, exhibition and visit to the experiment field. The students showed their keen interest in the various agri-horticultural species, their wild relatives and medicinal and aromatic plants being conserved effectively in the MTS unit of Jodhpur Station.

(Source:  Dr. Kartar Singh, ICAR-NBPGR, Regional Station Jodhpur)