A multi-crop exploration and collection programme including CWR and Ornamental crops were conducted in Saraikela and Ranchi Districts of Jharkhand and Purulia district of West Bengal.

Date Posted: 08-11-2021

As a part of National Exploration Programme, ICAR-National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources in collaboration with ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Hazaribagh, conducted an exploration and collection programme for millets, Cucurbits, chilli, sesame, mungbean, Crop Wild Relatives and ornamental crops in Saraikela and adjoining parts of Ranchi districts of Jharkhand and Purulia district of West Bengal during 20.10.2021-30.10.2021. Dr. Shephalika Amrapali, from ICAR-NBPGR, Regional Station, Ranchi, Mrs. Nivedhitha S. ICAR-NBPGR New Delhi, Mr. Santosh Kumar, ICAR-IARI, Hazaribagh and Dr. Anima Mahato, ICAR-IARI, Hazaribagh participated in the exploration programme. This region comes under Chhotanagpur Plateau region and hold rich plant diversity in cultivation as well as in wild. A total of 132 accessions belonging to 25 species, including more than 10 wild relatives and 5 ornamentals were collected. The forest range in Purulia including Garpanchkot and Ajodhya hills and Dalma Wild life sanctuary in Saraikela are rich in crop wild relatives specially Oryza rufipogon, Cajanus scarabaeoides and Vigna radiata var. sublobata. The valley region of Ajodhya hill and Pindaribera hill in Dalma wild life sanctuary has natural population of Barleria cristata an ornamental plant. Around 20 herbarium samples were collected for conservation in NHCP in New Delhi respectively.

We acknowledge the support and co-operation received from Mr. J. Sheik Fareed, IFS, Jhargram and Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Divisional Forest Officer, Dalma Wild Life Sanctuary, Saraikela. We also thank staffs of forest range offices in Garpanchkot, Raghunathpur, Kashipur, Ajodhya hills, Purulia and Dalma Wild life Sanctuary. We acknowledge the co-operation received from KVK Purulia in conducting exploration in Purulia district. We extend our gratitude to Mr. Navjot Singh, Assistant commandant, CRFP, Gomiadih and local guides and farmers who helped us in completing our programme in difficult areas like Saraikela, Gomiahdih, Dalbhanga, Siadih, and Chirrubera Kuchai.

(Source Dr Shephalika Amrapali, Regional Station, Ranchi, New Busur-834003)