Ms. Sherry Rachel Jacob

Senior Scientist
Division of Germplasm Conservation
Seed Technology
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Ph.D. (2007)       : Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110012              

Specialization    : Seed Technology, Genetics, Physiology and Entomology

Dissertation       : Delivery of seed protectant chemicals through polymer seed coating in tomato

M.Sc. (2002)       : Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110012

Specialization    : Seed Technology and Genetics

Dissertation       : Biochemical and molecular markers for testing distinctness and uniformity of pearlmillet inbred lines

B.Sc. (2000)       : Kerala Agricultural University, Thiruvananthapuram

Discipline           : Agriculture



1.       Scientist, Seed Technology

From                          : 14.06.2010 till date

Organisation              : Division of Germplasm Conservation, National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi 110012, INDIA

Job Type                     : Research and Education

Description of Work    : Genebank curator for cereal crops

2.       Scientist, Seed Technology

From                          : 12.06.2007 to 13.06.2010

Organisation              : Directorate of Seed Research, Maunath Bhanjan, UP, INDIA

Job Type                     : Research and Co-ordination

Description of Work    : Principal investigator for the institutional project on ‘Seed Quality Enhancement in Vegetable Crops’.

Research Articles-18, Book Chapters-3, Compilations -6, Popular articles/ e-resources-16


Registered Germplasm (2)

  • Wheat germplasm IC 536140 and EC 573562 developed by Vikas VK, M Sivasamy, Sundeep Kumar, Jagdish Kumar, P Jayaprakash, GP Singh, Dharam Pal, MS Saharan, Kalyani Srinivasan, J Radhamani, SR Jacob, Madhu Patial, Aparnna M, RK Meena, ML Meena, E Punniakotti, Naveen Kumar B, RK Tyagi, Indu Sharma and KC Bansal, has been registered by plant germplasm registration committee of Indian Council of Agricultural Research on August 17, 2015.


Journal Editor

  • Editor of Seed Research Journal since October, 2015



Best Student award of PG School, IARI for the PG Batch 2000-2002

Recent Publications Research Papers
1.  Jacob SR, MBA Kumar, V Eldho and SN Sinha (2016). Hydrophilic polymer film coat as a micro-container of individual seed facilitates safe storage of tomato seeds.Scientia Horticulturae204116-122.
2.  Jha NK, Jacob SR, Nepolean T, Jain SK and Kumar MBA (2015). SSR markers based DNA fingerprinting and it’s utility in testing purity of eggplant hybrid seeds.Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & FoodsDOI:10.3920/QAS2015.0689
3.  Sherry R Jacob, Vandana Tyagi, Anuradha Agrawal, Shyamal K Chakrabarty, Rishi K Tyagi (2015). Indian plant germplasm on the global platter: an analysis. PloS ONEMay 2015
4.  M Sivasamy, M Aparna, J Kumar, P Jayaprakash, VK Vikas, P John, R Nisha, K Srinivasan, J Radhamani, SR Jacob, S. Kumar, Satyaprakash K Sivan, E Punniakotti, RK Tyagi and KC Bansal. (2014). Phenotypic and molecular confirmation of durable adult plant leaf rust resistance (APR) genes Lr34+, Lr46+ and Lr67+ linked to leaf tip necrosis (LTN) in select registered Indian wheat (T. aestivum) genetic stocks.Cereal Research Communications42(2262–273
5.  Panwar NS, Bhatt KC, Dhariwal OP, Pandey Anjula, Jacob Sherry (2014). Spatial distribution of trait-specific diversity in Indian wheat collectionsIndian Journal of Plant Genetic Resources27(3)280-286
6.  Sherry Rachel Jacob (2011). Of science, copyright and open access.Current Science100(5)601
7.  Sherry RJ, Kumar MBA, Gopal M, Srivastava C and Sinha SN (2009). An analysis of the persistence and potency of film coated seed protectant as influenced by various storage parameters. Pest Management Science65(7)817-822
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