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Salient Achievements:
  • Under the National Exploration Programme, undertook 33 plant exploration and collection missions to the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat for the collection of germplasm of rice, vegetables, medicinal plants, mango, oil seeds, fibre crops, orchids, host plants of lac insects and wild/weedy relatives of crop plants and collected a total of 2,318 accessions of germplasm along with the passport data and got accessioned, documented and conserved them in the NGB/MTS/FGB/In-vitro/Cryo, as the case may be.
  • Published Corchorus pseudo-olitorius as a new addition to the Indian flora.
  • Published a new record of Psidium guineense from Kollam, Kerala.
  • Characterized and seed multiplied 1,800 accessions of pigeonpea, 700 of green gram, 200 of Abelmoschus spp., 200 of bitter gourd, 17 of snake gourd, 345 of horse gram, 1,100 of Amaranthus spp., 200 of winged bean, 6,000 of sesame and 722 of linseed and 200 of niger germplasm and the data has been submitted to the headquarters for analysis and documentation.
  • Associated in the DRR AP Cess Fund project on the evaluation of rice germplasm for biotic stresses.
  • Functioned as the Co-PI of the externally funded USIF-India Project No.862 on the Regeneration of Agro-biodiversity for six years and regenerated, characterized, documented and conserved 3,148 accessions of rice, 1300 of okra and 67 of jackfruit germplasm and looked after the development of associated infrastructure facilities envisaged in the two USIF projects at NBPGR Regional Station, Thrissur.
  • Associated in the INDO-UK PGCU Project and looked after the procurement, establishment and maintenance of the Medium Term Storage facility and associated equipments at the NBPGR Regional Station, Thrissur.
  • Functioned as the Co-PI of Zone-II under the NATP-PB and looked after various PGR activities envisaged under the project for five years.
  • Under the NATP-PB, imparted on-job training to one Associate Professor of KAU on Evaluation of Cucurbitaceous Crops Germplasm. Organized three grass root level trainings at different places for farmers and women labourers.
  • Organized three exhibitions, two at different colleges in Kerala and one at KFRI, Peechi, Kerala as part of the PGR Awareness Generation Programme.
  • Under the NICRA Project, locally coordinated on behalf of NBPGR the characterization and evaluation of over 18,000 accessions of chickpea germplasm at the MPKV farm at Rahuri, Maharashtra.
  • Plant Germplasm Registration: IC0486088 (INGR13058), an Upright Podding Chickpea Genotype Suitable for Mechanical Harvesting.
  • Associated actively in the AICRN on Potential Crops and participated in the germplasm and breeding trials of Amaranthus and Winged bean and also supplied germplasm of these crops every season as per the technical programme to various centres for evaluation and breeding trials. .
  • Associated as a Co-PI in the PPVFRA Project on the Development of DUS Test Guidelines for Grain Amaranth and evaluated 11 released varieties of grain amaranth in three replications for two years at Akola and generated and submitted the data and supplied the multiplied materials for chemical evaluation.
  • Associated as a team member in the FAO Project on National Information Sharing Mechanism under the GPA.
  • Seed multiplied and sent for conservation over 2,000 accessions of germplasm of various cultivated crops and their wild relatives to the National Gene Bank and over 10,000 germplasm accessions each of various crops and species at NBPGR Regional Stations, Thrissur as well as at Regional Station, Akola.
  • Acceded to all germplasm requests indented by various user agencies from time to time duly approved by the competent authority under MTA.
  • Under the TSP component of NBPGR, conducted eight Tribal Biodiversity Fairs in the tribal dominated areas of Dharni, Modha, Madki, Wastapur and Chandrapur areas of Maharashtra.
  • Several germplasm field days were organized to showcase the intra and interspecific variability present in various crops and their wild and weedy relatives for the benefit of various user agencies, breeders, farmers as well as students for enhancing the germplasm utilization.
  • Delivered several lectures in training programmes of colleges/institutions on the conservation/management of germplasm besides imparting trainings to the NATP-PB partners of Zone - II as well as for visiting student teams from various schools and colleges.
  • Functioned and as the Officer in charge of the NBPGR Regioanl Station, Akola for about eight years and managed the research and developmental activities of the station.  
  • Published 34 research articles in peer reviewed journals and 50 articles in various Seminars/Symposia/Workshops, besides being a reviewer for the IPGRI Descriptors for Jackfruit.

Awarded first prize for the Poster Presentation "Mango diversity and livelihood security of tribals in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra" held during the National Seminar on Mango Biodiversity for Livelihood at Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Rehmankhera, Lucknow from 25-28 June 2010.

Recent Publications Research Papers
1.  Sunil Archak, Rishi K Tyagi, PN Harer, LB Hahase, Neeta Singh, Om P Dahiya, M Abdul Nizar, Mohar Singh, Vrushali Tilekar, Vikas Kumar, Manoranjan Dutta, Narendra P Singh and Kailash C Bansal (2016). Characterization of chickpea germplasm conserved in the Indian National Genebank and development of a core set using qualitative and quantitative trait dataThe Crop Journal4
2.  Hussain Zakir, Sangita yadav, Sanjay Kumar, Poonam Suneja, MA Nizar, SK Yadav, Shiv K Yadav and M Dutta (2015). Molecular characterization of niger [Guizotia abyssinica (L. f.) Cass.] germplasms diverse for oil parametersIndian J. Biotechnol.14344-350
3.  Abdul Nizar M and RM Mulani (2015). Genetic diversity in indigenous and exotic linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) germplasmElectron. J. Plant Breed.6(3)848-854
4.  Dikshit N, N Sivaraj, MA Nizar and Dinesh Chand (2015). In-situ diversity in Bottle Gourd [Lagenaria siceraria (Mol.) Stand] Germplasm and Crop Modelling PredictionsInt. J. Agricult. Stat. Sci.11 Supplement 117-24
5.  Abdul Nizar M, RM Mulani (2015). Per se performance, components of genetic variation and correlation for seed and oil yields in linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) germplasmElectron. J. Plant Breed.6(4)1078-1081
6.  Chand Dinesh, N Dikshit, N Sivaraj, SG Bharad and MA Nizar (2015). Distribuition and diversity in Cucumis sativus L. var. hardwickii germplasm in Western Ghats of MaharashtraThe EcoscanSpecial issue VII347-353
7.  Abdul Nizar M, N Dikshit and N Sivaraj (2014). DIVA-Geographic Information System approaches for assessment of diversity and distribution pattern of Abelmoschus species from MaharashtraAdv. Appl. Res.6(1)28-34
8.  Yasin JK, Nizar MA, Rajkumar S, Verma M, Pandey S, Tewari SK and Radhamani J (2014). Existence of alternate defense mechanisms for combating moisture stress in horse gram [Macrotyloma uniflorum (lam.) verdc.]Legume Res.37(2)145-154
9.  Dikshit Nilamani, M Abdul Nizar and N Sivaraj (2014). Phenotypic variability in grass pea (Lathyrus sativus L.) germplasm of Vidarbha region of MaharashtraLegume Res.37(5)556-558
10.  Dikshit N, SG Bharad, Dinesh Chand and MA Nizar (2014). Morphological and physico-chemical studies on Malpighia punicifolia L. (West Indian Cherry): an underutilized fruit plant with high vitamin CAnn. Plant Physiol.28(1)41-45
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