Dr. Ruchi Bansal

Scientist SS
Division of Germplasm Evaluation
Plant Physiology
+91 9599276680
Ruchi.Bansal(AT), ruchibansal06(AT)
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Salient Achievements:
  • Registered Genetic Stocks:  IC199562; Rice accession resistant to blast disease; IC121865 Rice accession resistant to blast disease; EC531185; wheat accession drought tolerant;   IC564121; wheat accession resistant to spot blotch; IC443669; wheat accession resistant to spot blotch
  • Identification of phosphorus use efficient chickpea lines by phenotyping chickpea minicore (266 accessions) at The University of Western Australia, Australia as Endeavour Research Fellow. We also proposed a novel phenotyping trait (foliar manganese concentration) for study of carboxylate releasing phosphorus mobilization strategy in chickpea.
  • Studied the role of photosynthesis and antioxidant enzyme system in waterlogging tolerance in pigeon pea. Also screened black gram germplasm for tolerance against waterlogging stress and identified waterlogging tolerant black gram lines, which is under validation. 
  • Identification of blast tolerant lines through multi-location evaluation under Consortium Research Project on Agrobiodiversity.
  • Developed minimum seed standard for Isabgol, Senna, Kalmegh, Asalio and Safed musli. All the components of seed standards (physical purity, germination, viability, moisture content, associated pathogen) were studied and seed standards were proposed to ensure the quality of seed in medicinal plants.
  • BioCARE (2019), Department of Biotechnology
  • 100 Fellowship Award, Inter-Drought V (2017)
  • Endeavour Research fellowship, Australian Govt (2016)
  • National Eligibility Test (Plant Physiology & Biochemistry) (2011)
  • Young Scientist Award, Indian Society of Plant Physiology (2010)
  • Senior Research Fellowship, ICAR (2007)
  • GATE, IIT Bombay (2005)
  • National Eligibility Test, CSIR (2005)
  • Graduate teaching assistantship during M.Sc. (2002-2004)
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