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Genetics and Plant Breeding
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1.  Amrapali S, Ahammed STP, Ghosh B, Namita, Singh MK, Archak S. (2020). Olfactory evaluation and untargeted profiling of floral volatiles of fragrant rose cultivars PusaMahak and its seed parent Century II by HS-SPME-GCXGC-TOFMS.Indian Journal of Horticulture.77 (1):158-66 DOI: 10.5958/0974-0112.2020.00017.1
2.  Reshmi Raj KR, Baisakh B, Tripathy SK, Lenka D, Pradhan B. (2020). Studies on inheritance of MYMV resistance in green gram [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek].Research Journal of Biotechnology,15(3):79-82.
3.  Choudhary SB, Saha DN, Sharma HK, Chwdhury I, Kumar A. A, Jambhulkar SK, Mitra J (2019). Transcriptional analysis of a delayed-flowering mutant under short-day conditions reveal genes related to photoperiodic response in tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius L.).Industrial Crops and Products.132:476-486
4.  Bishnoi SK, Rathi RS, Choudhary SB, Malav PK, Ahlawat SP (2019). Phenotypic Characterization of Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) Germplasm Collected from Jharkhand, India.Indian J. Plant Genet. Resour.32(2):344-349
5.  Reshmi Raj KR, Baisakh B, Tripathy SK, Lenka D, Pradhan B, Mishra MK, Salini K, Mohanty MR. (2019). Screening for Mungbean Yellow Mosaic Virus Resistance in Green Gram (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek).International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences,8(10):666-670.
6.  Singh BK, Choudhary SB, Yadav S, Malhotra EV, Rani R, Ambawat S, Priyamedha, Pandey A, Kumar R, Kumar S, Sharma HK, Singh DK, Rai PK. (2018). Genetic structure identification and assessment of interrelationships between Brassica and allied genera using newly developed genic-SSRs of Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea L.).Industrial Crops & Products. 113: 111–120.
7.  Kumari N, Choudhary SB, Sharma HK, Singh BK, Kumar AA. (2018). Health-promoting properties of Corchorus leaves: A review.Journal of Herbal
8.  Maruthi RT, Choudhary SB, Sharma HK, Kumar AA, Bhandari H, Mitra J, Karmakar PG (2018). Late-acting self-incompatibility: a barrier to selffertilization in sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea L.).Euphytica (2018)214:19
9.  Choudhary SB, Sharma HK, Kumar AA, Maruthi RT, Mitra J, Chowdhury I, Singh BK, Karmakar PG (2017). SSR and morphological trait based population structure analysis of 130 diverse flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) accessions.Comptes Rendus Biologies.340( 2):65–75
10.  Choudhary SB, Sharma HK, Kumar AA, Chowdhury I, Kak A (2017). Genetic diversity spectrum and marker trait association for agronomic traits in global accessions of Linum usitatissimum L.Industrial Crops & Products.108:604–615.
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