Dr. Kalyani Srinivasan

Principal Scientist
Division of Germplasm Conservation
Plant Physiology
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Salient Achievements:

Methods standardized  for  identifying the storage behaviour of some new genera (Murraya, Eriobotria botanica, crataeva religiosa, Bombocopsis quinata and Azadirachta indica. Also Short-term storage methods to prolong the storability of these species developed 

Methods  for release of dormancy in some agroforestry species developed (6 species of Acacia, Delonix, Caesalpinia and Cassia.  

Cost effective storage methods developed through ultra desiccation of seeds to very low moistures in field crops such as Brassica, brinjal, Pearl millet,  and Sponge gourd. Seeds thus treated could be stored with high viability at ambient temperatures for  nearly 10-12 years.

Methods have been developed to investigate the usefulness of ultra-desiccation as a cost-effective storage technique in hitherto unexplored tree  species such as  Dalbergia, neem, Simarouba and Murraya paniculata
Methods devised for seed quality enhancement  in crops such as radish, mustard, cotton through various seed invigoration treatments such as hydro, osmo and solid matrix priming.

A total of 1,06,896 germplasm accessions of paddy are being maintained for  long-term  in the National Genebank
42000 germplasm accessions of rice have so far been supplied to various centres  under the CRP-AB for characterization and further evaluation

More than 10,000 accessions off rice  conserved for long-term in the National genebank for ten or more years have been monitored for their viability.

15000 accessions of rice have been characterized under the DBT project on ‘Establishment of National Rice Resource Database’ using 30 descriptors at five centres for three years and a core of 1548 accessions and minicore of 311 accessions have been developed .Also a National Rice Resource Database has been developed.

Under the PPV&FRA Project on ‘Establishment of National Variety Repository’, storage studies have been conducted  for varieties of  several notified crops viz Okra, cotton, sorghum, maize, linseed, sesamum, cauliflower, mustard and onion.

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