Dr. Ashok Kumar

Principal Scientist
Division of Germplasm Evaluation
Plant Breeding
011-25802886 (O), 25845373 (R), #9868115373
Ashok.kumar28(AT), drashok1962(AT)
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Recent Publications Research Papers
1.  Bansal R, Sharma S, Tripathi K, Gayacharan and Kumar A (2019). Waterlogging in black gram (Vigna mungo) is associated with chlorophyll content and membrane integrity.Indian J BiochemBiophys,(56):81-85
2.  B N Swamy, V K Sharma, Arpita S, Raj Kumar, T K Behera, Manisha M, Chandresh C and Mukesh Kumar. (2019). Maintaining and fertility restoration of CMS system in Sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L. var. grossum).Indian J Agriculture Sciences.89 (11):1855–9.
3.  Vinod Kumar, Joseph John K, Chitra D. Pandey, S.P. Ahlawat, K.K. Gangoadhyay and Kuldeep Singh (2019). Exploitation of wild species in vegetable improvement published in 8th Indian Horticulture Congress on ‘Shaping future of horticulture’ held from 17Jan to 21 Jan, 2019 at IGKV, Raipur, Chattisgarh.IGKV, Raipur, Chattisgarh.Pp: 119-142.
4.  Vinod K. Sharma, Chandresh Chandel, Raj Kumar, S. S. Dey, Chander Parkash, Reeta Bhatia and M. Mawliya. (2018). Quantification of Antioxidant Contents in sweet Pepper as influenced by planting time and fruit picking stage.Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., India, Sect. B Biol. Sci.Vol 88(2), pp451-457.
5.  Amit K. Mathur, Arpita Srivastava, Manisha Mangal, Saritha R. K., B. S. Tomar and Vinod K Sharma. (2018). Genetics and gene action for resistance to leaf curl disease in Capsicum annuum L.Indian J Agriculture Sciences.89(6)-1057-1059.
6.  Pang J, Bansal R, Zhao H, Bohuon E, Lambers H, Ryan M, Ranathunge K and Siddique KHM (2018). The carboxylate-releasing phosphorus-mobilising strategy can be proxied by foliar manganese concentration in a large set of chickpea germplasm under low phosphorus supply.New PhytolDOI: 10.1111/nph.15200.
7.  Pang J, Zhao H, Bansal R, Bohuon E, Lambers H, Ryan M and Siddique KHM (2018). Leaf transpiration plays a role in phosphorus acquisition among a large set of chickpea genotypes.Plant Cell Environ,DOI:10.1111/pce.13139.
8.  Kumar S, Kumari J, Bansal R, Kuri BR, Upadhyaya D, Srivastava A, Rana B, Yadav MK, SengerRS, Singh AK and Singh R (2018). Multi-environmental evaluation of wheat genotypes for drought tolerance.Indian J Genet Pl Br.78(1):26-35.
9.  Singh VP, Srivastava JP and Bansal R (2017). Biochemical responses as stress indicator to waterlogging in pigeonpea (Cajanuscajan L.).Indian J BiochemBiophys,54,300-305.
10.  Chandel C., Sharma V. K., Saklani P., Dabral M., Mawliya M., Raj K., Nalla M. K., Parkash C. and Dey S.S. (2017). Antifungal Activity of Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Lines of Pepper against Phytophthora.Vegetos: An International Journal of Plant Research.Vol 30 (4):DOI: 10.4172/2229-4473.1000362
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