Dr. Vandana Tyagi

Principal Scientist
Germplasm Exchange & Policy Unit
Economic Botany
011-25802785; +91 9868228318
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Salient Achievements:

Over 1,00,000 accessions from different agro climatic zones were acquired in cereals, millets, vegetable crops and medicinal plants. Identified and introduced trait specific germplasm and related information for utilization in crop improvement programs of Indian plant breeders/ researchers. The passport information on the same was documented online. Procured more thn 10,00 trait specific accessions (registered germplasm/cultivars, lines resistance to biotic stresses, abiotic stresses, core collections, mapping populations and other desired characteristics.

  1. Methodologies/techniques developed for effective management of PGR.
  • Development of document on Policies and guidelines regarding the exchange of genetic resources for research for the researchers/users in the country . The document covers various aspects of germplasm exchange such as general policies and guidelines, procedures, sanitary concerns, biosafety, biohazards and other related issues like status, conservation etc. In view of the changing global scenario, a need was felt to review the existing guidelines for exchange of all types of genetic resources. This has further become more important in the face of new challenges for the protection of sovereign rights of India in the light of international treaties, conventions and agreements. The document would facilitate in regulation of germplasm exchange for research
  • Development of computer software for assigning Exotic Collection (EC) number to the material received from different countries for retrieval and querying in the electronic form
  • Development of Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA)  and Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)  in the light of Biological Diversity Act and International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. Concept note on exchange of plant genetic resources after notifications of all sections of Biological Diversity Act ‘ 2002
  • Development of questionnaire on   survey of plant genetic resources- utilisation and requirements to assess the extent of utilisation of plant genetic resources to know the existing gaps and emerging requirements for trait specific germplasm in various crop/ plants and their potential world wide sources for procurements
  • Concept note on exchange of plant genetic resources after notifications of all sections of Biological Diversity Act ‘ 2002
  1. Fulbright HHH Fellow (US Department of State).
  2. Awarded Fulbright Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund Project in 2013
  3. Visiting Fellow, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  4. Visiting Fellow, State University of New York, University at Buffalo, NY
  5. Awarded Scientist of the Year 2011 by Society of Scientific and Applied Research Centre
  6.  Alumni Indian Humphrey Fellows
  7. Nominated as outstanding scientist to attend the Indo-US science and Technology Forum , INSA, New Delhi
  8. Fellow Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources


Recent Publications Research Papers
1.  Brahmi P and V Tyagi (2019). IPR Issues related to access and use of genetic resourcesIndian J Genet Pl. Breed.79 No. 01 S315-319
2.  Jacob SR, Tyagi V, Agrawal A, Chakrabarty, SK, (2015). Indian Plant Germplasm on the Global Platter-An Analysis.PLoS ONE10(5)e0126634. doi: /journal. 10.1371pone.0126634
3.  Brahmi P, Vijaya Chaudhary and V Tyagi (2013). ~~Mechanism of protection of geographical indications: Implications for genetic resourcesVegetos26 (1)171-181
4.  Tyagi V, Lal A , Joshi V, Brahmi P, Verma N, Yadav S K, Anitha P, Singh SP and Singh S. (2011). ~~ Important Crop Germplasm Introduced in Field crops in India during 2009Ind. J. Plant Genet. Resour24 (1)27-30 pp
5.  Bonham A Curan,Ehsan Dulloo, P.Mathur, Brahmi P, Tyagi V, R K Tyagi and Upadhyaya H. (2010). ~~ Plant Genetic Resources and Germplasm Use in India  Asian Biotechnology and Development Review12(3)17-34
6.  Tyagi V, Singh A K, Chand D, Singh R V and Dhillon B S (2006). Plant Introduction in India during Pre- and Post-CBD periods-An analysisIndian J. Plant Genet. Resour.19 (3)436-441
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