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Salient Achievements:

Member of "Field Management Committee", RS Ranchi, NBPGR.


  • Provided technical assistance in organized PGR awareness programme under TSP at Kisan Bhawan Rania, District Khunti, Jharkhand on 22/02/2020.
  • Provided technical assistance in organized SC-SP programme at Giridih District, Jharkhand on 27/03/2021; for enhancing plant genetic resource awareness and promotion of native diversity of field and fruit crops.
  • Provided technical assistance in organized PGR awareness programme under TSP at Hakajang, in Kerra Block, District Khunti, Jharkhand on 05/10/2021.

Participation in exhibitions:-

  • “Kisan Mela-cum-Technology and Machinery Exhibition: 2020”; organized at ICAR-IINRG, Ranchi (February 13-14, 2020).
  • “Kisan Mela-cum-Technology and Machinery Exhibition: 2021”; organized at ICAR-IINRG, Ranchi (February 11-12, 2021).
  • “Agrotech Kisan Mela 2021”; organized at Birsa Agricultural University (March 05-07, 2021).

Trainings & Workshop attended:-

  • Hindi online Workshop on “Statistical Genetics and its Application in Agriculture”, organized by ICAR-IASRI, (March 18-20, 2021).
  • Online training programme on "Mechanized weed magagement in different fields crops", organized by ICAR-Directorate of Weed Research, Jabalpur, M.P. (November 01-03, 2021).

Status Report/ Observation taken at RS Ranchi:-

  • Herbal Garden 1&2;
  • Bael Germplasm;
  • Jackfruit Germplasm;
  • Jamun Germplasm; &
  • Tamarind Germplasm.


  • Worked with ICAR - National Institute of Agricultural Economics and Policy Research (NIAP is a premier agricultural economics research institution in India), Project entitled:- Network Project on Market Intelligence,  (2014-16) and Project:- "Estimating Farm Income & Strategic Framework to Doubling Farmer's Income" (2017-18), under the guidance of Dr. Raka Saxena, Principal Scientist & Dr. Ramesh Chand (Member of NITI Aayog & former Director of NIAP).
  • Worked with Indian Council of Medical Research, under Department of Health and Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Project entitled- Review Monographs on Indian Medicinal Plants, (2016-17), under the guidance of Dr. Neeraj Tandon, Head of Medicinal Plants Division.

Appreciation Certificate/ Letter,   DELHI POLICE 2016




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